Hurricane Michael Relief

The Village Creed is looking to help those impacted most by Hurricane Michael.
Watch the video below to see how you can help!

1) What can we help you find? *

To locate nearby resources available to you, choose 'Find Help'. Boots are on the ground and serving individuals now. Select 'Join Relief Efforts' to find more ways to help.

2) Where? *

Choose which state you would like to find resources or opportunities in.

Report a Local Problem

Do you see any broken power lines, flooding, lost people, or pets? Easily report local issues in your community by clicking the button below.


Our team is working non-stop to make sure your experience on the Village Creed is optimized. Due to the great need, our platform is experiencing heavy volume at this time. Organizations, and your community, need your help, now, more than ever. Any navigation issues you may experience will be resolved as quickly as possible with the help of service minded people.