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Mend Steering Committee

The Mend Steering Committee is made up of 2-4 individuals from each committee to help disseminate information and direct resources most effectively.

Mend Steering Committee

We help coordinate long-term recovery efforts and provide up-to-date information.

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Mend: Disaster Recovery

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  • eventOur CalendarJanuary 2020
  • doneWho We Are

    Members of the Mend Steering Committee will coordinate with their committees and share information between the two groups to ensure we are maximizing our relief efforts, and targeting the needs strategically.

  • whatshotWhat We Do

    We help provide information and coordinate resources to meet the long-term needs of Lee County residents during tornado recovery efforts.

  • pan_toolWhy We Do It

    We have a lot of needs that will arise over a long period of time, and we want to take care of our neighbors for the long haul.

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personMend: Disaster Recovery
group_workmend: tornado recovery