What Are Creed Perks?

Creed Perks are similar to business-earned loyalty points. As you accumulate service hours, you'll earn rewards from local businesses, accessed from the Creed Rewards section of your home page. This feature is in beta testing, and is coming soon.

I want to add a listing, and the system won't let me. What do I do?

For everyone's safety, submissions are vetted before they go live on the Village Creed. Each organization has safety measures in place. The collective safety measures ensure we all work within a layered and secure framework. Only individuals attached to approved organizations can post content. So, if wanting to post content, seek out one of our partners to collaborate. To get started, organizations can apply. See Pricing for details.

Why did the Village Creed get started?

Perhaps, like you, we look at the news, we see how much our communities struggle. The Village Creed helps answer the question, "How can I help?" Our mission is simple-we bring together all the service offerings already present in our community, making it easier for you to find ways to serve that are meaningful to you. Just one step closer to attaining community wellness. We believe the existing talents and resources hold the solution. We believe a layer approach with all assembled resources gives us a much need new conversation on the local level.

What is this Village Creed, Creed thing all about?

We are searching for like-minded people who want to address and fix problems. This is an environment to see service opportunities, events, needs. A place to roll up your sleeves, grab a shovel and get to work. The Creed helps to keep us on the same page. See "Our Creed" for details.

Is the Village Creed a nonprofit?

No. With every nonprofit that comes into being, there is less money for other 501c3's. We don't think "more" 501c3's is the answer. We think better maximizing the existing resources is best for all. The Village Creed is a Public Benefit Corporation (Please research this type of corporation. Here's one article from Entrepreneur Magazine: ...Public Benefit Corp...).

We aim to leverage businesses to better align with community causes. Public and private sectors need to work together to accomplish big goals.

Just so you know, organizations pay a monthly subscription fee to post services, events, and needs through us. It's free in the beginning. Always free for individuals to search content and record service hours.

What's an Ethos Transcript?

Based on the Greek word for "character," your Ethos Transcript is a digital record of your ongoing service hours. Similar to a school transcript, it totals, categorizes and graphically displays your time investment for each organization you served. We believe that getting involved in your community builds character. And your Ethos Transcript is a tangible record of the time you've invested in others and yourself, which speaks volumes with potential employers and admissions offices for higher education.

Have any more questions for us?

Contact us through our contact form below. We'd love to hear from you!

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