To service organizations,

It's a community engagement software management system built from the ground up. It's a central place where people can conjure ideas, share community and organizational needs, create quick and flexible private and public services with text/video/picture capability, seek volunteers, manage participant signups, attract local money, and share offerings with those in the community.

To individuals with a heart for service,

It's a way to make a difference. It's a way to answer that all too common question "what are we going to do?" when watching the news and feeling helpless and directionless.

To those who need services,

It's a one-stop shop like at a grocery store. It's a place to pick and choose the offering right for you with your county's resources at your disposal. After creating an account, you will be able to record and manage all activity on one website without any extra effort. This is very helpful and valuable when volunteering as well.

To those volunteering,

It's a resume builder - just like for participants. Every place you serve, you have the option to record your service effort. This log is called an "Ethos Transcript"; Ethos means character in Greek, and your Ethos Transcript says something about you, your heart, your work ethic, and your character. To students participating, potential employers want to know more than your GPA, and you realize you're more than just a number. Your Ethos Transcript says so much about the things you value.

To businesses,

It's a customizable way to give back using in-house people and resources. For instance, a restaurant owner can use the website software to set reward parameters for hard work. This is similar to setting search parameters when house hunting online. Parameters could be set to reward people between the ages of 35 to 50 taking GED classes. In this example, a business can reward a person for every 20 hours of education with a free meal at her restaurant. A dry cleaner, beauty salon, or grocery store can give the same way. Every business can change the parameters with a unique in-house service or product reward. After personal investment, Creed Rewards are accessible in your online account. Booker T. Washington once said "it's not where you are, it's how far you've come to get to where you are." Businesses have a new tool to reward civic engagement and support individuals on a developmental journey.